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Live a Healthy Life - Add Exercise to Your Choices (Lifestyle Therapy)

Susan Leigh is a Counsellor and Hypnotherapist.
See www.lifestyletherapy.net to see her profile details.

Exercise is something that we are regularly advised to do. It keeps us healthy, helps us tone up and lose weight, helps us to manage stress effectively. Some people find even the thought of spending time at the gym enough to make them turn on the TV and reach for the chocolate cake ! But there are ways to enjoy exercising and it can become a fun and valued part of your life.

The obvious benefit of exercise is to help us tone up and lose weight. It is a fact that combining a healthy diet with exercise is the most effective way to lose excess weight and achieve a good shape and toned muscles. A gym is the first place that many people think to go to. Committing to paying money up front can motivate people to go and get their moneys' worth. That in itself can be a reason why people pay to join.

A gym can be good because it can become part of your regular routine. You put your kit in the car and let it act as a reminder for you to attend on a regular basis. Making something part of your routine becomes an automatic part of your life. Also, going at a certain time means that you will meet many of the same people and start to share conversations and maybe friendships. Gyms offer a variety of activities, exercise classes, swimming, racquet sports as well as the gym equipment itself. Many have running tracks. Some gyms provide specialist classes like Healthy Hearts, Over 50's, walking clubs as well as crèches.

There are other less formal ways to exercise. Why not get friends or neighbours together for a game of football, cricket or rounders. This can be an excellent way for people to get to know each other quickly and well. Children and adults all have the opportunity to talk, relax and laugh together and start to build relationships.

A couple may find that going for a bicycle ride or a country walk on a regular basis gives them something to enjoy as a shared interest and also time together to talk in a relaxed way, maybe even about serious matters on occasion. It can become a valuable and enjoyable part of the relationship.

Get a group of friends together and set a target. There may be a charity walk coming up in a few months time or decide to do something together unofficially. A walk, a run or a bicycle ride done together can be great fun, enhance the relationships and motivate everyone to work together, get fitter and lose weight.

So exercise can bring much value to our lives:
  • Physical health is important to invest in. Look after yourself now and tone up and lose weight. Take care of muscles, bones and joints so that, in later life, you can enjoy a fitter body with better health. It is important to find the appropriate level of exercise right for you, so seeing your doctor or maybe getting a personal trainer can be a sensible step.

  • It is an excellent way of drawing a line between work and home. Stopping off at the gym after work for a swim or a class, or suggesting a walk when you get home, can help to manage stress and freshen up before the evening starts.

  • Setting a challenge is an excellent way to motivate us to improve. So a challenge to run a certain distance or achieve a certain level of fitness is a positive step to take. Whether or not we achieve it is almost a secondary consideration. Working towards a goal is the important inspiration.

  • Exercise helps to manage stress, release tension and stimulate the feelgood endorphins that help elevate mood and attitude. It provides a natural high.

  • The social side of exercise is an important factor. Meeting people regularly can improve our social connections and bring new friends into our lives.

  • Business networking is regularly done on golf courses. Many people combine business and pleasure over a round of golf. Joining a good golf club can bring valuable connections as well as exercise and fresh air into your life.

  • Quality 'me' time is important. Sometimes running on a treadmill or going outside for an hours' ride on your own can be valuable time out. It can help recharge the batteries, clear the mind and manage stress effectively. Then you can rejoin your life feeling positive and relaxed again.

For further information: Live a Healthy Life - Add Exercise to Your Choices

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